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Commissioned by Christ

About The Missions

Commission By Christ, Inc. (CBC) is a Catholic non-profit organization that brings Catholic adults and families closer to Christ through short-term mission trips to serve the needs of the poor. In essence, CBC’s goal is to provide inspired Catholics with the opportunity to serve on a one-week mission trip that is usually offered to high school or college students. Through these one-week missions, CBC seeks to form and develop its missionaries with catechesis of the Church’s social justice teaching, celebration of the sacraments and prayer, opportunities to engage in the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, and build friendships that encourage fidelity to the Faith with loving accountability.

CBC has built a model of service over our years of operation. Each mission site is vetted carefully by the staff and Board of Directors to assess the feasibility of serving the material and spiritual needs of the poor and to ensure the safety of the missionaries serving the trip. Once a mission trip is vetted and scheduled, the mission trip recruitment begins through mailings to past missionaries and benefactors, and announcements at various parishes in the State of Virginia. Each mission trip requires its missionaries to attend three half-days of recollection, which provide catechesis, prayer, and practical preparation for the specific mission trip. This formation continues during the mission trip, with service to the poor and daily celebration of Mass and prayer. Some examples of the type of missionary work CBC has in are digging latrines, building and repairing churches, and visiting the sick in hospitals. Since its establishment, CBC has organized fifteen international mission trips for 150 individuals with an entirely volunteer staff.

CBC endeavors to make each mission trip affordable to its missionaries. The price of each trip is kept as close to the actual cost as possible. The policy of CBC is that the price of the trip per person does not exceed 6% over actual cost to pay for administration fees associated with the trip. Therefore, CBC relies almost entirely on good-will donations and benefactors to support the operational budget of each year.

CBC will do all the work so that you can focus on serving others, deepening your relationship with Christ, and forming solid Christian friendships. Once on the mission trip, you will be working side by side with people from the local community who are part of a long-term mission.  Each day will include teamwork on a designated project determined by the long-term mission, as well as time for group and individual prayer and reflection, celebration of the Mass, and group discussions.

After the mission trip, the team will come together once more to reflect on the work you have done and how we can bring the mission into our daily lives.  We will keep in touch with you after your mission trip and encourage you to stay connected with your fellow missionaries and continue serving through CBC’s One Day Mission program, which was created to invite past and future missionaries to engage in corporal and spiritual works of mercy in our local communities.

Sample Trip Itinerary

(subject to variation)

Day 1: Travel
  • Arrive at mission site
  • Eat dinner as a mission team
  • Brief meeting on round rules, safety, and cultural customs
  • Prayer and bed
Day 2-6: Mission Projects
  • Celebrate Mass
  • Eat breakfast, morning prayer/reflection
  • Work on projects, pray the Angelus at noon, lunchtime, observe local customs, such as siesta
  • Continue mission project
  • Eat dinner with receiving community or mission team
  • Hold group prayer/discussion about work of the day, quiet prayer/reflection
  • Free time and bed
Day 7: Day of Leisure and Re-entry
  • Combination of recreation and reflection time
  • Mass, breakfast, spiritual exercises, morning free time
  • Lunch as a mission team, afternoon free time
  • Dinner out as a mission team, free time, bed
  • Departure next day