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9th of February 2018

A Father and Daughter Volunteer Together in Banica

My daughter and I are currently on our first mission trip ever to Banica, Dominican Republic with Commissioned by Christ. We heard the call to do a mission trip one day in Mass when a priest from the Congo talked on about a orphanage in his country and how our parish could help. All things […]

20th of April 2017

My Brother, Anton

Nora and Anton with his siblings As it turns out, my broken Spanish wasn’t all that helpful in Manyaya, a mountain village that borders Haiti with mostly Creole-speaking inhabitants. Luckily, they have never seen Americans (from the US) before, so we didn’t have to do all that much to be entertaining. While taking a break […]

4th of April 2017

Food for the Soul by Nora, part two

Argentina and Nora hugging after Mass  I don’t know if Argentina will ever cry for me, but here’s the story of how Argentina made me cry for her. Father came to pick us up at our center in the evening after our second day of working in the village in order to bring us to […]

27th of March 2017

Food for the Soul

Food for the Soul by Nora (Rev. Jason Weber, Pastor, Parish of Bánica) “God bless you, sweetie!” You can say that again! Well, that’s not exactly how I responded to the cashier at Giant as I was leaving. I wanted to! I had already explained to her why I was restocking my fridge at home. […]

19th of March 2017

We Started Out as Strangers

Julie enjoying the warmth of the Manyaya community. My trip to the Parish of Bánica in the Dominican Republic, with Commissioned By Christ and the Diocese of Arlington Young Adult Ministry, was one of the most graced-filled experiences I’ve ever been a part of, and I hope to return next year with the same group. We started […]

27th of June 2016

God Takes Us On A Journey

Wearing my “Diana Run” t-shirt in Peru, remembering the friend who helped guide me down this road. When I was sixteen years old, I learned a difficult lesson. That was the year that one of my closest friends passed away in a car accident. She had just returned from a Mission Trip to Mexico, and […]

18th of May 2016

I’ll Never Forget

My trip to Peru was an experience that I’ll never forget. Despite how cliché it sounds, the words that instantly come to mind when I think of my time in Piura are “life-changing”, “enlightening”, and “unforgettable”. Going in to it, I never expected that such a seemingly short mission trip would have such a tremendous […]

16th of May 2016

Four lessons from Peru

Katie Bahr | Catholic Herald Last month, I spent a week serving the poor in Peru with Commissioned by Christ, a local organization that plans short-term Catholic mission trips for adults and families. This was my second trip to Peru with CBC — my first was featured in the Catholic Herald (8/30/2012) — and in […]

16th of May 2016

Santisimo Sacramento in service

The Peruvian parish is a center for spiritual life and social outreach. Katie Bahr | Catholic Herald A large parish in the Archdiocese of Piura in Peru, Santisimo Sacramento serves 40,000 Catholics in Piura and its surrounding villages. The parish, which celebrated its 50th anniversary last year, is located approximately 600 miles north of Lima […]

16th of May 2016

Mission life in Peru

A short-term mission trip brings spiritual gifts and lessons for local Catholics. Katie Bahr | Catholic Herald Recently, I spent a week at Santisimo Sacramento, a parish located in an impoverished section of Piura, Peru, about 600 miles north of Lima. I was there with a group of 18 other Catholic adults as part of […]