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Commissioned by Christ

Bring CBC to You

CBC would like to partner with your parish, school or organization to start a mission group. Our long-term goal is to have simultaneous missions running, each group with its own mission team. If you are a leader in your parish, school or organization and are looking to enter into a mission team role, CBC wants to provide you the opportunity!

The Benefits

When you work with others as a team, you can return feeling more connected to your  community, to your faith, and to those who shared your experience.

Take Action

Steps for bringing CBC to your parish, school or organization:

  1. Find 4-5 other people or families who are interested in forming a mission team and contact us at
  2. If you are a parish, CBC will contact your pastor and set up a meeting to gain his approval and support to partner with your community.
  3. CBC staff will work with you to host information sessions, post announcements to the your community, and plan a mission trip to suit your group’s needs.